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Thanks for visiting my website , like my business philosophy I am going to keep this site simple.
I know many of you in the industry, but for those that dont know me.

I have worked in Supply chain Security for the last 25 years, with a Global Integrator for 15 years in various roles, and for the past 6 as European Head of Security for one of the Worlds leading Freight forwarders.

I have extensive knowledge of the supply chain business in all areas, Air Sea, Road and Logistics/Warehousing.
I have made a decision that after many years it was time to offer my skills to the market place. Please take time to review the pages to find out more about my achievements/skills and what I can do for your company.

However I'm old fashioned, and when you have had a good look at the site I would really like to talk.

David Reid

Company Ethos

  • Fair Pricing
  • No “Bull” - I.e No lengthy unrequired reports blown up with unnecessary information/ Photographs to attempt to justify pricing
  • Just straight to the point succinct factual detail
  • Reports or audits undertaken by Professionals ( myself or one of my team of support staff)
  • All Experienced in our Industry and in most cases ex LEA
  • In each case details of the operative and their experience will be supplied pre commencement of work

About the MD >

About the MD

British Army

  • Paramedic, NCO 5 years service
  • 18 months in Northern Ireland, 2 years Berlin
Retail Sector
  • Working for 10 years at the UK's number 1 electrical retailer in Store management
Security Solutions
  • UK Sales Manager Retail Sector of a leading Global security solutions company
  • Specialised in the emerging new products - Remote Visual Monitoring

Global Integrator UK Business followed by Head office 15 years total

  • Joined to set up a control room utilising Remote Monitoring
  • Developed "Mantech" solutions to combine on site guarding (when required) with Remote Monitoring making security enhancements combined with large cost savings across UK locations
  • Moved to European Head office Amsterdam to produce and manage a Security programme specifically to offer enhanced security above and beyond the standard services for high value and high risk customers (specifically at the launch for Hi-tech Mobile phone Distributiony across Europe)
  • Became Security Manager Global Accounts
Global Freight Forwarder 6 years
  • One of the Worlds largest Sea/ Air Freight Forwarders
  • Built a security team in Europe and successfully managed year on year reductions in Losses
  • Focused resources on the key risk area of the Security standards of the companies Subcontractors (I.e random audits, documented SLA's etc)

Membership of Security associations Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) - 17 years

Key Achievements>

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Key Achievements

What We Offer >

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What We Offer

Risk assessments of Investigations Audits Training Other services

Testimonials >

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"David Reid has exceptional knowledge and experience within the security industry and particularly in relation to 3PL. He works extremely well in pressurised situations and also has comprehensive knowledge of TAPA Standards. In addition, David's experience and expertise in managing blue chip customer security relationships is exemplary."

Derek Jack CSMP, Head of Security at TNT

"I knew of David’s competency in discussions with colleagues in the group. On the BP COP project I was allocated QHSE and Security duties and relied on David's security expertise and risk process knowledge to assist me in developing the required controls. After several discussions, David worked with me and the client on their project to provide the client with the required assurances and documents."

Ian Milne, Corporate QHSE Manager of Energy & Project Solutions at Panalpina

"David is very result driven and motivates his team with his excellent leader skills. His strong customer oriented approach helps him to be all the time ready to fullfil all customer needs in short time. To sell security to customers is not easy. A few years ago, David was one of the only ones who realised that selling Security will be the big challenge in the express industry. From a Policeman to a Salesman... all my respects, my friend, well done!"

Patrik Hofer, Regional security Manager

"David and I worked very closely on the pioneering and implementation of security both at country , regional and head office level. Covering key account management requirements , internal process audits and process alignment , all the way through to attending Tapa conferences , sharing our detailled and future security initiatives in our strive for a smoother secure operational supply chain. David was always to the point, constantly questioning if our process environment were up to date, watertight and secure enough for our customers requirements. David is someone you can rely on to get the job done, he'll advertise and market the security need until he 's blue in the face, never giving up at all and finishing whatever he set out to achieve . A pleasure to work with and he comes highly recommended"

Mark Bradley, CEO Contiental Europe at dnata/Emirates Group

"I have been privileged to know and work with David Reid for almost 2 decades Today I am humbled to acknowledge his contribution to the Global Logistics Security industry, an industry sector David has served and shaped in equal measure. David is one of those very special people, the 1%, a person of immense integrity and vision, a person driven by a value system that has created an environment within which all who came in contact with him were inspired and motivated to achieve their full potential. David is a leader, a mentor, a strategic thinker and a person whose in depth knowledge of the risks associated with the movement of goods across the Global Supply chain or perhaps more important, his in depth knowledge of Global Best Practice in the management of those risks is unequalled. I am proud to have met and worked with a tireless champion who epitomises the qualities of an industry leader in his chosen field"

Terry Downes. Chairman Harriet Group Kenya

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Prices on application

Operating from my fully equipped home office and/or on site or in Situ with these relatively low overheads I intend to make my pricing competitive and realistic.

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